Timeless (Pilot)

Starring: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Visjnic

Plot: We’ve invented time travel. However, a time terrorist (Visjnic) hijacks the device and goes back to screw things up. So, the government sends three fairly random people back to stop him. Lucy (Spencer) is a historian, Wyatt (Lanter) is a government agent, and Rufus (Barrett) is a scientist who worked on the time travel project. Together, they’ll save the future by protecting the past.

What Works: Obviously the premise is a huge plus. It’s unlike any other show currently on TV, and the uniqueness is what hooked me from the beginning. The cast is likeable, and it’s good to see Abigail Spencer in her own show. She’s been on so many shows, it’s time she got her own spotlight. I like Lanter, so it makes up for him not being a strong actor. He’s just really likeable. The special effects are good. The twists at the end sold me.

What Doesn’t: Visjnic was underused in the pilot, but I have a feeling that was to keep him mysterious, and hide the twists. However, if this continues for more episodes, it will officially be a problem. The writing isn’t great. This isn’t a smart show that’s going to win Emmy’s. It’s a fun distraction. This is the TV equivalent of a big budget summer movie. Check your brain at the door.

Final Word: One of the dumber shows of the new season, however, it’s one that is actually entertaining. I don’t know how this is going to last in the long run. I’m down for the ride for now, because the premise is so original compared to everything else on TV. It’s not a superhero show, or a crime drama, or a family sitcom. It stands on its own, and sometimes you have to reward originality. I’m not even sure that it’s a copy of a show, like when everything was trying to be the next Lost.


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