Best Of 2016: My List Of Shame, Films I Missed

I always have a goal for myself to complete my Best Of lists before the Oscar nominations. Those come out Tuesday morning, and I still need to release my picks for Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Actress, Actor, and my Top 30 films of 2016. I’ve seen 125 films released in 2016. It’s not my best year, but in the effort of full disclosure, here are some major films I missed, and therefore cannot end up on any of my lists. I only picked films that I’m actually sad I missed, or intended on seeing, not films like Max Steel or When The Bough Breaks that I intentionally avoided. Since I’m doing a top 30, I compiled a shame list of 30. I’m ashamed of most of these.

1) Sing
It is the highest grossing film that I haven’t seen. Technically, it is still in theatres, so I have a chance, but not between now and Tuesday.

2) Doctor Strange
I was busy when it came out, and it seemed to get pushed out of theatres and showtimes were down… and I’m trying to come up with a good excuse. Of all the films on this list, this one kills me the most.

3) Trolls
Honestly, I didn’t really care to see it, but I’ll probably rent it.

4) The Conjuring 2
I didn’t see The Conjuring 1 either. I’m not a fan of “jump scare” horror. I like more cerebral scary films, like Hush, or The Invitation.

5) Ride Along 2
6) Don’t Breathe
I might watch this at some point.

7) Boo! A Madea Halloween
I avoid Madea movies. I saw a few early on, and they seem to keep getting worse.

8) Lights Out
Again, I avoid jump scare horror films, though the short they based this on is incredible.

9) Hacksaw Ridge
I’m sad I didn’t see this.

10) Jack Reacher 2
I liked the first, just didn’t get around to seeing the second.

11) Why Him?
Too many Oscar movies for me to bother seeing this in theatres. I’ll wait for DVD.

12) The BFG
I actually rented it, didn’t watch it, and turned it back to Redbox.

13) Allied
The reviews pushed this down my list, then it got pushed out of theatres.

14) Free State Of Jones
15) Blair Witch
16) The Edge of Seventeen
17) The Light Between Oceans
18) Jackie
19) Nocturnal Animals
20) Live By Night
21) Queen Of Katwe
22) Loving
23) Bleed For This
24) Swiss Army Man
25) Denial
26) A Monster Calls
27) Miles Ahead
28) 20th Century Women
29) Desertio
30) The Hollars

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