Best Of 2016: My Top 30 Favorite Films (30-21)

Alright, so this was a good year for films. I honestly couldn’t compile a smaller list of films I liked or loved. I settled on 30, because I felt like I got to name most of the films I liked this year that way. This list is different from how I graded films, though I can say that everything on my list got at least a B+. When compiling this list I thought about how much I personally enjoyed the film. Will I watch it again? Will I buy it on DVD or Bluray? Did I recommend it to anyone? Have I already seen it multiple times? A lot of films I grade higher because of one or two great performances, and not because the film is good. Those films end up often not making this list.

30) Sausage Party
South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut is one of my favorites of all time. This wasn’t quite that, for me, but I do love me some R rated raunchy animation, and there are several scenes in this film that I laughed my ass off during. It’s a film I found myself recommending to my friends, and a movie I’d definitely own and watch again.

29) Zootopia
I’m sure that people expected this to be higher. I did really like Zootopia, otherwise it wouldn’t have made my list. I loved that it had something to say, as a movie. For a kids animated film, it’s a lot smarter than it would look. I already own it on Bluray, and I definitely plan on watching it again.

28) Me Before You
It was one of those films I skipped in theatres because I thought it would be some sappy teen romance. I was floored by how much I ended up enjoying it. I thought Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin both did exceptional work, and had really good chemistry. I bought into their relationship, and their romance, and my heart broke with everyone else at the ending. It had me.

27) Little Men
Definitely an underrated, underseen gem. I love the story at the heart of this film, about two kids becoming best friends, and having to deal with the challenge of their parents not getting along. Another film that surprised me.

26) Barbershop: The Next Cut
Talk about surprises. I’m not really a fan of the Barbershop films before this. They’re OK films, but this one really hit me. It felt like Ice Cube finally had something to say. He’s been saying he’s got something to say for years, and I think he finally said it. This film could have easily been made outside this franchise, but I think he used this franchise to attract a wider audience to his story, and it totally worked for me. I already own this film, and it’s the only Barbershop film I own.

25) Dirty Grandpa
Yep, middle finger to the sky. Dirty Grandpa is on my Best Of 2016 list. Ask me if I give a fuck. If you’ve followed my lists this far, you’ll know that I don’t care that critics didn’t like it. I loved it. DeNiro was great in this. Haters be hating. Yes, I own this.

24) Bad Moms
I had a feeling I might like this from the trailers, but I also was afraid all the funny parts were in the trailers. That wasn’t the case. While it’s not Bridesmaids, it’s a solid comedy I’d happily watch again, and put in my collection. Kathryn Hahn is terrific.

23) The Nice Guys
You guys need to see this film. We need to get this film to cult status. One of my favorite film critics put this at the top of his year end list, that’s how good this film is. It’s like we’ve been saying it the whole time, and it’s on DVD, so why haven’t you picked it up yet?

22) Hush
I don’t normally love horror films. In fact, this is really the only horror film on this list (I don’t count 10 Cloverfield Lane), but I loved Hush. I felt like I was watching a brand new story, which is so hard to do in horror films. Horror films often feel so much like a copy of another horror film that the genre is all meshed together, but Hush feels like its own thing. I haven’t been this excited about a horror film since Paranormal Activity.

21) 10 Cloverfield Lane
I remember hearing of a movie called Valencia starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and going… how is that getting a theatrical release? I wasn’t even excited about it. Then I saw the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, and I realized we had once again been bamboozled by the Cloverfield gang. Then I was like… do we need a sequel? This late? That can’t be good. I was so wrong. If you’re going to make a sequel to Cloverfield, this was definitely the way to do it.

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