Best Of 2016: My Top 30 Favorite Films (20-11)

In continuation, here are my next 10 films on my Top 30 list.

This list is different from how I graded films, though I can say that everything on my list got at least a B+. When compiling this list I thought about how much I personally enjoyed the film. Will I watch it again? Will I buy it on DVD or Bluray? Did I recommend it to anyone? Have I already seen it multiple times? A lot of films I grade higher because of one or two great performances, and not because the film is good. Those films end up often not making this list.

20) Sing Street
I loved the music, I loved how John Carney continues to pour his soul into films about music. I loved that he found a group of child actors that were this good. This is just a really fun film. I’ve found myself recommending it a lot, because I know most people haven’t seen it.

19) Hail Caesar
A divisive film, much like Dirty Grandpa. Some people hated this film, but I really loved it. I usually enjoy Coen Brothers movies, and this one has a great cast doing some really funny work. George Clooney and Josh Brolin, specifically, were great in this film. I also love movies about the industry, where many people don’t.

18) The Little Prince
A beautiful animated film that deserved a wide theatrical release. If everyone could love Kubo so damn much, I’m convinced they would have loved this too. I’m hoping for a surprise Oscar nomination, but I’m not sure it will ever come. I’m more concerned about whether or not I’ll be able to buy a DVD for this at some point.

17) Deadpool
My second favorite comic book adaptation of the year. I’m a huge fan of the comic books, and I’m delighted that he finally got the film adaptation he deserved. I can’t wait to see what they do with a real budget in the sequel, and access to characters they were blocked from using the first time around.

16) The Jungle Book
I didn’t know I was going to like The Jungle Book this much. I mean, Cinderella was OK. Malificent was OK. But this? This is on a different level and a lot of that has to be credited to Jon Faverau, who has proven yet again that he’s a fantastic director.

15) The Secret Life Of Pets
Just a really fun animated film that I could totally watch again and again. We had some really terrific animated films this year. It’s going to be hard to see so many not get Oscar nominations.

14) Moonlight
I was struggling where to put this on my list. It’s such an exceptional film, but its also such a difficult film that I honestly couldn’t see myself watching again. I Still couldn’t NOT include it. It’s one of those rare films that I really only need to see once. Perhaps if I felt like I could watch it again, I would have ranked it higher, but this is a list of my favorite films, and I just really loved some others a little bit more.

13) Captain America: Civil War
My top comic book film of the year. I made the mistake of watching the Cinema Sins for this, and I think that may have caused it to slip a bit on my list, but damn this film is still a ton of fun. I’ve already seen it twice, own it, and would watch it again.

12) Manchester By The Sea
This is probably the film that moved me the most this year. It just broke my heart. There isn’t a lot of rewatch value here, but unlike Moonlight, I feel like I could sit through Manchester another time. I’d definitely sit through it if I was introducing someone to it for the first time.

11) Patriots Day
I loved how this film captured the resilience of a city so well. I thought the film was expertly paced, well shot, and has a great performance from Mark Wahlberg. I would watch this again, maybe not right away, but I’d definitely keep it on my shelf till I was ready.

I’m actually going to save my Top 10 list for tomorrow morning. I’ve rushed, trying to get all my lists out before the nominations come out, but I’ll save the best for tomorrow. I’m hoping to post right before the nominations, if I wake up in time.

Just a little preview though… can’t hurt, right?

You might see a historical drama, a film with two actors playing the same character, another Animated feature, a family on a road trip, a non-family on a road trip, a house being destroyed, a well-trained assassin, another movie about the film industry, a sort of father/son story, a film about brotherhood, and a film that highlights just how important it is to have a really good education.

Have fun figuring that out.

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