Weekend Box Office: ‘Lego’, ‘Shades’, ‘Wick’ all impress

LEGO Batman didn’t quite hit the 60M many were expecting, but 54.5M total is good. Fifty Shades of Darker did much better than expected, and somehow managed a B+ cinemascore, which is up from the C+ the original received. I guess fans are getting what they want. John Wick 2 and The LEGO Batman Movie both got an A- cinemascore.

On the lower end, Split continues its unexpected climb. I don’t think anyone expected this to go above 100M, but it has, and M Night Shyamalan is back! Hidden Figures should finish around 150M, and La La Land, which is a little behind, could still hit 150M if it ends up sweeping the Oscars like its projected to do. A Best Picture/Director/Actress trifecta should boost its sales enough to get to 150M.

1) The LEGO Batman Movie- 54.5M Weekend, 54.5M Total
2) Fifty Shades Darker- 48.3M Weekend, 48.3M Total
3) John Wick 2- 29.6M Weekend, 29.6M Total
4) Split- 9.2M Weekend, 112.2M Total
5) Hidden Figures- 8.2M Weekend, 131.7M Total
6) A Dog’s Purpose- 7.7M Weekend, 42.9M Total
7) Rings- 5.3M Weekend, 21M Total
8) La La Land- 5.1M Weekend, 126.1M Total
9) Lion- 4M Weekend, 30.3M Total
10) The Space Between Us- 1.7M Weekend, 6.5M Total

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