Box Office Predictions: ‘Thor’ Will Continue To Cause Ragnarok

As the marketplace actually gets more and more competitive, Thor will stay on top for one more week before Justice League looks to take that crown. The two new entries, Daddy’s Home 2 and Murder On The Orient Express are both tracking in the 20-something range, which is still going to be significantly lower than the 55M Thor is bound to make in Week 2.

Of the two films, I’ve seen some people projecting 30M for Murder On The Orient Express, and I think that’s a bit high. Critics are barely positive on the film, and it stars Kenneth Branaugh, who is not really a huge box office draw. Yes, the source material is a book that’s sold a bajillion copies, but 30M is still… high. This is a movie targeting adults, not kids. Maybe the 50+ crowd can send a movie to 30M, but I think this film will fall short.

As we’ve seen for basically every single comedy this year, with maybe like two exceptions, prepare to be disappointed by Daddy’s Home 2. Even if the film is good, it’ll likely open below the original, and below industry expectations. So, if the industry is saying 25M, I’m saying 20M. I’ve given up on comedy. Bad Moms Christmas continued this trend just last week, and I think Daddy’s Home 2 will continue to be another benchmark of disappointment in a year that has ignored straight up comedies.

1) Thor Ragnarok- 55M Weekend, 214M Total
2) Murder On The Orient Express- 24M Weekend, 24M Total
3) Daddy’s Home 2- 21M Weekend, 21M Total
4) Bad Moms Christmas- 9M Weekend, 37M Total
5) Jigsaw- 3M Weekend, 34M Total
6) Boo 2- 2.5M Weekend, 46M Total
7) Geostorm- 1.5M Weekend, 32M Total
8) Happy Death Day- 1.5M Weekend, 55M Total
9) Blade Runner 2049- 1.5M Weekend, 88M Total
10) Let There Be Light- 1.5M Weekend, 6M Total

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