Rescued By Ruby

Starring: Grant Gustin and Scott Wolf

Directed By: Katt Shea

Where I Watched it: Netflix

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Description Provided by: Descriptive Video Works

The Plot: An eager young cop with something to prove (Gustin) wants to join the K-9 force up in Rhode Island, so he adopts a shelter dog, and works at the pairing becoming an elite unit. Though, he has a lot of growth needed, and luckily this dog is here to learn him real good. It’s also based on a true story, which makes sense, because I don’t know why anyone would write this.

What Works: I like dogs. i love dogs. Dog movies, I’ll admit, make me emotional. I lost my shit at the end of Marley and Me, because I was unfamiliar with the source material.Even A Dog’s Purpose got me a little. I grew up with homeward Bound. So, having a dog in the film should have increased the chances I would like this.

I also am a fan of Grant Gustin, since he was on Glee, and I think he’s a great Flash even if the show has degraded around him. And, I’m OK with Scott Wolf.

None of these things have to do with the actual movie, I’m just saying, the ingredients here should have worked. I didn’t walk into this thinking ill of it.

And, I suppose, if you want to sit down with the family and watch something unoffensive than this works there too.

What Doesn’t Work: I wanted to do literally anything but watch this film after about the first 30 minutes. not in that so bad its painful way, but in that “this movie is a waste of time” way. It brings nothing new, nor does it care to. It’s formulaic to a fault, filled with actors you’ve never heard of, and moments in the story that make no sense unless Ruby is telepathic.

It’s a fundamentally stupid script that wants to remain family friendly but insist that our protagonist needs work, and even the few serious moments are so boring and dull, and underplayed, that this whole film comes across as “why bother?”

There are some great true stories out there, adapted to film. I don’t know what happened here, but I spent most of the film wanting to play with my phone and having to will myself to pay attention to the film, so I wouldn’t miss details like the number on his uniform matching the time on his watch. Did this suddenly become a Christian movie? Was that a sign from God? We will never know, because the film doesn’t even let us know that the character affected noticed. It was just there for us. But why?

Rescued By Ruby is full of stuff like that. Things happen like characters have some weird superpowers, or a magical force is doing stuff, but it refuses to address that full on. When Ruby can’t be found, Gustin looks for her in a spot, which could have been any spot, and she’s just chilling nearby. Later, she just materializes in front of his car because the plot needs her to be there. And where did the raw hot dogs come from? That shit needs to be refrigerated. you can’t just drive around with raw hot dogs on the off chance your dog teleports to you.

The Blind Perspective: It is effective audio description. It does well during the training sequences, and points out every stupid thing this film chooses to do. Begrudgingly, this film had solid audio description, even if i wouldn’t have cared either way, because I was so not invested in this film. And every time the audio description got it perfect, it usually ended up revealing just how dumb the plot was.

Final Thoughts: There are thousands of Netflix titles more worthy of your time than this. Grant Gustin needs better films. I want him to succeed, but doing generic poorly written wholesome nonsense isn’t going to get him the respect he’s chasing for his post-Flash career.

Final Grade: D

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