The Too Much TV Roundup

Welcome back for my weekly post tackling the top 10 shows I watched an episode or two of last week, that I either loved or just wanted to mention here for some reason. As always, I don’t watch everything with audio description, and that will be notated. And for long term readers, I have a perpetual problem with the app design on peacock, and I’m just happy to be able to watch anything, but I can’t navigate in any form to turn on audio description because the app is so poorly developed.

1) The Oscars

English Audio Description?: I was told there was, my provider dropped the ball.

Yes, I watched the Oscars without audio description, despite navigating my settings to make sure everything was properly turned on. I didn’t want to spend the entire Oscars on the phone to my cable company, so I just rolled with it. The show was OK, with an obvious attempt to increase rating through pandering. Some of it worked. i liked the celebration of cast reunions, but the random scenes from non-nominated 2021 titles was an odd choice, as was to perform a popular song that Disney chose not to submit this year. I would love to have the hosts back, as they were hilarious.

2) Halo (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

in case you missed my review, halo is out, it’s terrific and I’m excited for the possibilities. There was a lot of fan service for anyone who has ever played a Halo game before, and hopefully that continues while finding its own unique footing.

3) In From The Cold (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Just finished this limited series, that I first assumed would be a straight up spy drama, but evolved into some superhero type science fiction awesomeness. I highly recommend this show, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more from this universe. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’d be down for it.

4) Grown-ish (Freeform/Hulu)

English audio Description?: No

I’ve enjoyed the adventures of Zoey Johnson, and I understand the need for some obvious change headed into next season, but I also don’t want to come back to a show that just fired almost its entire cast. I spent four years learning to love a bunch of people who weren’t Zoey, so for me this was a series finale, and Grown-ish ended after 4 seasons. What you do with your life is between you and your God. But those four seasons were great, and I won’t be messing that up by watching whatever crap is headed our way next.

5) Bus Down (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: I don’t know.

This little gem I discovered on Peacock has a really short first season, but I hope they stick with it. It is quite hilarious, and Chris Redd is given more to do here than he ever was on Kenan.

6) The Endgame (NBC/Hulu/Peacock)

English Audio Description: No?

I’ve tried multiple ways and the AD Gods hate me, but this show is fantastic, and could easily be the new Blacklist if they use allowed that to happen. of course, they keep renewing The Blacklist, so maybe they’ll consider this a companion series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, start from the beginning. It’s well worth it.

7) Cobra Kai (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Is it bad that I savored the 4th season this long? It intentionally took me forever to watch it, because i wasn’t worried about it not getting another season, and I knew it would be a while for more episodes, so I just now know who won the All Valley, and I’m excited for Season 5. At some point, I think Hilary Swank has to swing by. Even for just an episode. One of my top favorites on TV right now.

8) Severance (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I will keep putting this show here, because each episode blows my mind more than the last. I want this show to get all the love in the world, and i need more seasons. What an amazing work of science fiction.

9) Our Flag Means Death (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Another frequent mention, I am loving this show. I can’t wait for more. I would want it slower if HBO MAX confirmed a second season, but for right now, I must harass you to watch this hilarious pirate comedy so we can keep it around.

10) The Good Doctor (ABC)

English Audio Description?: Yes

It was nice to see the series starting to return to form. While Rachel Bay Jones did a great job with Salem, I’m glad the show is finding it’s heart again. Please don’t mess that up. Just keep it going.

Which shows will make the cut next week? I didn’t get a chance to jump into Bridgerton yet, so probably that.

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