‘Raising Deon’ Cut Short At Netflix

After a two season run, with a pronounced sabbatical between Seasons 1 and 2 due to Covid filming, Raising Deon was unceremoniously axed by Netflix, without a resolution to the storyline. Unlike Wu Assassins, which got a movie, there are currently no plans to move forward with anything that would see Deon get his final shot to put the Crooked man to bed once and for all.

And all of this happened when the show was just getting good. We saw how Deon and his friends continued to operate as a mini Justice League, Deon got a new mentor in tevin (who also became a love interests for Nicole), and the show still found ways of expanding the universe, from making injectable powers, to bringing back Pat without us knowing the direction his story would be headed.

This show could easily have wrapped its storyline with one more season, so it’s frustrating that a streaming service won’t give closure to fans of this show, even though they seem to be unceremoniously letting shows go after 3 or 4 seasons anyway. A third and final for Deon would have just mirrored the same decision they had with Locke and Key, but they couldn’t even do that. Hell, even lost In Space got a third and done.

So what’s the problem, Netflix? Why do you consistently charge more than any of your competitors, but your track record for renewal is awful. What exactly are we paying for? 7 seasons of Big Mouth?

With your best shows ending or having already ended, you need to figure out how to keep subscribers who aren’t watching Bridgerton or The Witcher. You can’t build an entire streaming service around those two, and with Ozark, Stranger Things, Dead To Me, Locke and Key, and Grace and Frankie all set to end soon, and shows like The Kominsky Method, Lost In Space, Raising Deon, Glow, and others gone from the picture, are we really just left with Bridgerton, Virgin River, The Witcher, and Big Mouth? Is that enough?

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