The Martha Mitchell effect

Where I Watched it: Netflix

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

When I saw this released onto Netflix, around the same time as the Watergate anniversary and the Starz series Gaslit, I knew this was clickbait. i was prepared to sit and review an entire documentary, assuming this was that. It’s not. It’s about 40 minutes, and I checked out initially, deciding I wouldn’t review a non-feature length film. Then, after the fact, I remembered that Netflix had several Best Documentary Short Subject contenders last year, and i wondered if this might be one, so here is my two cents.

It’s not good enough to warrant any exposure. It works much the same way some YouTube shorts do when they just introduce you to something briefly that you knew nothing about, except having just seen Gaslit, I felt like I didn’t learn anything new. It does a decent overview, almost like a companion piece to Gaslit. But I think it was just created as clickbait by Netflix to time itself with the release. It doesn’t feel like a ton of effort went into this, despite a few little interviews. Most of it is footage, which was mildly interesting.

Basically, it’s not long enough to be a bad, but it’s also not long enough to make an impact. It’s the kind of thing you could show a class in high school. Welcome to history, and here’s Martha Mitchell.

The Blind perspective: A rather simplistic piece to narrate, with some talking heads, and old footage strung together. Even though I didn’t log the narration information, I’m fairly certain it only listed the company anyway, and not the narrator. Like I said, I wasn’t planning on talking about this, but just in case it manages an Oscar nomination (who knows what gets a nomination anymore after the abomination that was We were Bullies got in), I reviewed it. So it is done.

Final Thoughts: It’s fine. Not amazing. not good. Fine.

Final Grade: C+

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