Love Accidentally

Where i Watched It: Free Vee

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

The Blind Perspective: Say what? He never starts with the Blind Perspective. Well, I need you to know something. 1) This is on Free Vee and has audio description. I’m not even sure The Audio Description project tracks that service, so prepare to have your mind blown. 2) If you have an Alexa device in your room… unplug it before watching this (if you do). For those who can see, it’s not a problem as much a they don’t call her by her first name all the time, and sometimes she’s just Alex. But, in the audio description, every move she makes is labeled with Alexa, and I can say from personal experience, your echo device will lose its fucking mind.

And now, we talk about this movie.

I realize it’s not as simple to just tell you to go watch a 24 year old film. But, that’s what I’m doing. This new thing is basically a shittier version of You’ve Got mail, but with actors that suck and have zero A-listers in their presence. The biggest star here is Denise Richards, which really says more than I ever could in a review about this film.

So why would you watch a film that Amazon didn’t even like enough to debut on their premium service, so they sent it to Free Vee? Essentially, this is straight to video, in a day and age when that’s hard to distinguish. But when a company runs both a premium paid service and a free ad supported service, and they send a film there… that’s like dumping a film straight to video. And it deserves it.

The cast is lackluster, the plot is just You’ve Got mail with some tweaks for 2022 (because no one has bookstores anymore), and instead features two people who know each other in real life, dislike each other, are working against each other for the same promotion, but fall in love when one of them randomly texts the other about her recent breakup (while he also just got dumped), and they don’t recognize each other’s numbers so they bond anonymously. So, it’s You’ve Got mail… for the new generation. Only, this was terrible, and I tried to kill it with fire.

I enjoyed nothing about this, except that because of it’s lighthearted tone and genre, it was easier to take than some other genres when they have awful films. Though, this is far from being one of those “It’s so bad its good” situations. It’s just bad. I don’t recommend this at all, and even though I’m not even in my 40’s yet, I’ll be that guy that says… just go watch You’ve Got Mail (which is itself a remake, but at least has chemistry between its leads and some charm to it).

Final Grade: D-

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