The Too Much TV Roundup July 19th

Without further adieu.

1) Outer Range (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available Yes

This show continues on its streak of being unpredictable, and challenging, with amazing performances, and its just so weird. I look forward to each entry. This week, we found out the big secret about who Autumn is, and that was a doozy. honestly, when Royal mentioned that he had a family before falling in the hole, I assumed Autumn was his sister grown up. But, I didńt see that twist coming.

Episode Grade A

2) Barry (HBO-HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available- Yes

I haven’t really been too happy with Barry as I usually am. But, the season finale was definitely a closer, and a way to keep everyone hanging on edge for season 4. It solidified why Henry Winkler was one of my picks for Supporting Actor in a comedy, even in what I was seeing as the weakest season. But that’s just my opinion. I think Bill Hader brought it home in this last episode.

Episode Grade A-, Season 3 Grade B plus

My keyboard is fucking weird today.

Since apparently all my punctuation has moved the fuck around the keyboard, and this is going to continue to be a nightmare… here’s a ranking.

The umbrella Academy is on Netflix, it has audio description, and for Episode 5, it ranked in 3rd place.

Loot is on Apple Plus has audio description and the pilot episode ranks fourth

The Old Man is an FX show also on hulu and no longer features audio description and ranks fifth

The Hardy Boys season 2 finale is on Hulu and ranks 6th and has audio description

Perhaps tomorrow I wont be trapped in the third circle of hell

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