Lucy and Desi

Where I Watched it: Amazon

English Audio Description?: Yes

Admittedly I’m a bit behind on this documentary, which was better timed closer to the release of Being the Ricardos, back in January on Amazon. It’s a love letter from director Amy Poehler toward someone who obviously influenced a lot of her career, even though they never had the opportunity to meet or work together. It does feature quite a bit of interviews with Lucy and Desi’s kids, and functions as a nice overview for everyone to watch that shows those younger kids who may not know why these two were so important just exactly how big the impact is.

However, it still very much is a love letter to Lucy and Desi, from someone who considers Lucille Ball an influence, and has the involvement of her kids. i was surprised any time they were willing to pull back the curtain at all and show us the darker side, which really isn’t even that dark. most people knew they had a rocky relationship, and Desi slept around, and the film basically just acknowledges revelations most already know, or at least you would know from watching Being The Ricardos.

Still, if I had a ten year old girl, and I wanted her to know more about Lucille Ball and what she really did for women, I’d show her this documentary. I remember when they took the I Love Lucy stuff out of Universal Orlando, and back then I thought it was a shame because it prevents the next generation from knowing the impact of what came before them. Same could be said for the Hitchcock stuff as well.

It’s not necessarily made family friendly, but honestly, your kids haven’t seen or heard anything in this already, unless you’re sheltering them in a bubble. Basically, it’s a good, not great documentary that will teach a younger audience who these people were, but for the audience that does remember, it’s nothing new, and just a trip down memory lane.

Final Grade: B

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