Two Days In The Valley

This Film Was Available In July on Amazon when I watched it, but I do not believe it is there anymore. I’m quite late on this review. Yes, there is a recorded audio description track for this, if it ever comes back around.

Truthfully, I’m a few weeks out from having reviewed this. Sometimes, I review older titles and sit on the video review of them so when i don’t have a newer film to review, i can push out something I saw a few weeks ago. Now, I’m realizing that with this film, once again… I’m having difficulty describing the merging stories in this somewhat Hollywood set film that feels deeply 90’s.

Even though this director didn’t do much else, it feels like he was making a go at being able to manage an ensemble cast in some quirky crime drama that has some comedic moments to it. Kind of like most of Tarantino’s 90’s films, which slipped through genres. This isn’t as successful, and despite being a film featuring everyone from James Spader to Danny Aiello, is best remembered for introducing us to Charlize Theron.

I’m surprised I watched this again. And I’m even more surprised at how little I remembered after over 20 years of not seeing this. This film is so old, the DVD release was in that weird cardboard fastener case, not the normal plastic case that 99% of the DVD’s came in back then. So, yeah, not only did I have streaming rights, but I also physically own this somewhere in my massive DVD collection.

And now, i wonder why? What did I see in this film so many years ago? Why did I remember this film fondly, and why can’t I remember it again just three weeks after having seen it a second time?

I think that says about all anyone ever will need to know about this, a film that clearly will soon be lost to the passage of time.

Final Grade: C-

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