The Too Much TV Roundup- September 17th (Special Edition)

So, what in the hell could possibly make this list a special edition? You will find out right away. While I’m not sure that technically speaking the top show was the best thing I watched yesterday, there’s a very special reason it sits there.

1) Tales Of The Walking Dead (AMC Plus)

English Audio Description: Yes!

you read that part right. English. Audio. Description. AMC Plus. That’s a brand new offering for us blind folk, opening up another door, and another choice to those who are interested in the family of content currently offered on AMC Plus (which includes the horror catalog of Shudder). Now, don’t get too excited yet. This streaming service is still seemingly quite limited in its offerings. i spent a good while yesterday searching for other shows/movies, and all i could find so far is that the second season of Kevin Can Fuck Himself also has narration. It’s actually the same narrator, too. They did not go back and add audio description to Season 1.

But, as a long time Walking Dead fan who once had vision and enjoyed everything in the TWD universe, the fact that something new from this world was actually offered with audio description offers up so much possibility for the future. There’s a part of me that is a giddy schoolgirl waiting to find out if the final 8 episodes of the flagship series will run with AD.

For now, I would also have to say that this is truly exceptional audio description. There is a more than valiant effort made at creating this horror landscape. I frequently remind AD teams that when doing a horror film, the audience typically is showing up for the gore and the scares. Failure to highlight either in the audio description is rather pointless, but this narration does an in-depth dive into a few of the walkers, letting us know their gnarly details. And, for that, and for the surprise of the audio description, we put this show on top.

Truthfully, the episode itself is somewhat of a slow burn. At first, I kind of hated it, but halfway in it became intriguing, and then at the end I was floored. So if you’re watching Episode 5 and start out not knowing whether it’s worth your time, the end is much better than the beginning.

Grade: A (quite literally for effort)

2) The Orville (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I almost feel bad that this long ass Domino episode that seemed to really push the boundaries of The Orville even further and make me want to spend the rest of my life spamming Seth macfarlane and hulu until they do more Orville, didn’t get the top spot. After all, Domino is the episode where we bid farewell to *SPOILER* (not ruining that). And in rather heroic fashion. It also brought together some very unlikely alliances, and set the stage for what I’m certain will be an exceptional season finale. the Orville is a show I think far too many people ignore, but I am literally standing here saying that I’ve enjoyed these three seasons more than any iteration of any other like-minded program, including the entire Star Trek catalog. I realize The Orville owes a lot to what came before it, but Seth Macfarlane’s love for things like Star Trek led to his perfection of the formula, and a cast and plot line that is endlessly entertaining, often heartbreaking, and better than anything Macfarlane has touched before.

Episode Grade: A

3) Uncoupled (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I thought this might be more of an ensemble show, but it seems very dead set on being a Neil Patrick Harris comedy, that has an ensemble, which is different than even Sex and the City, which frequently operated like it had 4 leads, with Carrie being just slightly more important. None of the supporting cast really anchor their own plot lines, so this is a solo effort right now. Still very entertaining though.

Final Grade: A

4) Industry (HBo MAX/HBo)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Listen, there’s just too much TV. Truth is, I thought Season 1 was good not great, then there was a huge gap between seasons, and now i can’t remember anything. On top of that, I’m starting to notice some bad acting, and new storylines I’m not invested in. While I will admit there are redeemable qualities to this show, I have far too much of a backlog to keep slogging through this as the new fall season starts. I have to start making choices. This is the last episode of industry for me.

Episode Grade: C+

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