Blair Witch

Where I Watched It: Netflix

Audio Description Provided by: Deluxe

Narrated By: William michael Redmond

Despite my film degree coming from the same school that the fellas who made The Blair Witch project hail from, I haven’t liked a single film in this franchise. This remake/sequel didn’t do anything to change that. The original, which caused motion sickness and a wave of found footage films, was all the rage back in the day. but there’s only just so much you can do with piles of rocks and some sticks to make this actually scary. The sequel was a mess, which i understand wasn’t originally a mess, but was edited to all hell, and just became a cash grab. now, a new filmmaker thinks he’s got what it takes. What did he bring to the table? Well, more people in the woods, and more gore.

I will say, that the tension building here is stronger than the other films, and the sound design works rather well. Although, that claustrophobic tunnel sequence didn’t do anything for me. But, some people die in more violent ways than in previous films, so there’s something I guess. When all else fails, add gore.

Unfortunately, this film stars people who were unknowns then, and still are now. It trieds to continue the story from the original, with this being a brother trying to find his sister (from the original film) who got lost in these woods to the Blair Witch many years ago. Unfortunately, he’s about as ill equipped as the original group.

I think maybe, especially after seeing the radical reinvention of Predator in Prey, Blair Witch needs a hard reimagining. What if these guys had been armed to teeth, with technology that can’t fai them, and numbers too big seemingly for the Blair Witch to match? I wanna see Jason Statham take on the Blair Witch, instead of college students with backpacks continuously walking into the woods where people notoriously get lost all the damn time.

Maybe this film will give you a quick fright for Halloween, but I was expecting more. This was so overhyped for what it is. Maybe it’s time to let the Blair Witch die, if no one will ever do anything interesting with her.

As far as the narration goes, having William michael Redmond on narration for a horror title almost always makes the film a little better, and a little scarier. Considering there is some gore that needed description, the narration is necessary. Plus, a lot of what they are scared of are fleeting images. But, there’s not a lot to describe as most of the time they are wandering around in pitch black darkness and their flashlights have (of course) failed them.

This is the best of the series, it from my perspective, that means very little. It just annoys me the least.

Final Grade: C-

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