Katherine Called Birdy

Where I Watched It: Amazon

Audio Description Provided By: The media Access Group

Narrated By: Jari McLoughlin

Fairly certain I butchered the narrator’s name, as I believe this was my first encounter with them as a narrator. yay for new talent! Of course, not every movie or tv series has the narrator at the end, so its possible I have heard them before and didn’t realize it. Either way, the narration here is good, even if I was just neutral on this film.

To best describe Lena Dunham’s take on womanhood in ye olden times, I would say this is about as average as i can get. There is almost an equal amount of positives and negatives here to balance the scales. At the end of the year, i expect this to be somewhat in the direct middle of my list.

While she seeks some clever jokes, like the giant age differences in marriage, or the fact that Birdy is hiding her period from her father so she won’t be married off, there’s an equal amount of jokes that don’t land, either about lusting after an uncle, or an old guy doing a weird dance.

Also, it’s a bit longer than I would have wanted, and I ended up being more bored at the end than i had hoped. The acting here is fine, but nothing here screams “nominate me” or “nominate this film”. The narration didn’t really focus enough on costumes, possibly the one thing this film might have done enough of to be impressive.

i am whelmed. Neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Just plain whelmed. And with a massive amount of films still to come out this year, this one will be forgotten fast. Not because it is bad, but because it isn’t bad enough to trigger internet rage, nor is it good enough that word of mouth will carry it.

It is just OK. And sometimes OK is enough. It might be for you.

Final Grade: C

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