Aqua Teen Forever

Where I Watched it: iTunes

English Audio Description?: no

This one was just for me. I’ve watched every single Aqua Teen thing since the show premiered. I have some seasons on DVD. I screened the movie in theatres before it came out. I’ve watched the show a bit since losing my vision. It’s not the easiest to follow, but I’ve been following these characters for like 20 years now. Seriously. i remember on one of the DVD’s you could take a recording of the Mooninites doing a voicemail for you. And, yes, that was my voicemail for about a year. now, the shows theme is one of my ringtones.

That being said, the show did change a little when it went from Hunger Force to Forever, and honestly the films don’t work as well as the short form series. but I had to check this out. Some of it was funny. But, for the most part, it overstayed it’s welcome just like the first ATHF film. Audio description might have bumped it up half a letter grade, but that’s likely all.

This film takes Frylock to what is obviously a parody of Amazon, where he’s trying to make the CEO taller, and it jokes about a lot of the same issues we’ve heard about from Amazon employees. Meanwhile, Carl is a slumlord to Meatwad and Master Shake, and the Mooninites keep deleting segments of the film as a running joke. For a hardcore fan this will be a must watch regardless, for everyone else, it’s unlikely you’ll have any clue what is going on.

Unlike some other films without audio description I’ve seen recently, this is not unwatchable. It’s just not great. part of it being watchable also might have something to do with me being visually aware and connected to this franchise. That could be it.

Final Grade: C-

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