Argentina: 1985

Where I Watched it: Amazon

English Audio Description?: No

I wanted to approach this with the idea of explaining that we can’t understand these titles with just dubbed audio track, but dammit, this movie was great. It’s Argentina’s entry into the Oscar race this year for International feature. it already made the shortlist, it just made the BAFTA shortlist, it has a Golden Globe nomination, as well as a Critics choice nomination. So while more people may be talking about All Quiet On The Western Front, Decision To Leave, and RRR, this one has performed quietly, but well.

Now, I would still argue that dubbing is not audio description. I’m actually starting to realize the waste of time in dubbed audio, because it exists only for the lazy. If the same company just hired someone to do audio description, not only would they get dubbing, but they’d get accessibility. Dubbing without audio description is just for lazy people. People who don’t like to ‘read movies”. Keep it up. one day, you’ll be in my shoes, wishing there was a way you could read a movie.

But the team behind Argentina 1985 made a legal drama that is super easy to follow. Through the dialogue, they almost always explain everything in detail. They explain what’s happening, how people feel about it, what the next step is, and the trial aspect keeps things conformed to a specific style. They aren’t running around all over the place, trying to investigate crimes. They are calling on people to testify.

Because of that, i found this moment of time in Argentina’s history, where they accused several high ranking military officials of various war crimes, to be rather entertaining. I did miss everything from character descriptions to set design and a few moments of action, but this is such a dialogue heavy film, and it’s written so well, it actually succeeded.

It’s in this rare percentage of films where I think I actually got the bulk of the film, even though I know I could have gotten more. It isn’t my favorite international feature of the year, but I’m surprised to say i had a great time. This is worth watching, especially if you’re an Oscar completionist. Considering it will likely never gain English Audio Description, this might be your only choice.

Final Grade: A-

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