If These Walls Could Sing

Where i Watched It: Disney Plus

English Audio Description?: Yes

I think I was most surprised at how long the Abbey Road studio has actually been open. I didn’t realize it’s been 90 years. And considering that the documentary is directed by Paul McCartney’s daughter, i really expected it to be Beatles centric. but, it’s not. I mean, it mostly is. if you are a fan of The Beatles, there is some focus on them as you might expect. But there’s also focus on artists who came before, and after. There’s commentary on specific songs recorded there, like Alfie, and it’s a perfectly fine music doc.

It somehow feels like something was missing, which was the same feeling I got from The Sound Of 007, which glazed over some Bond songs. It did focus on heavy hitters, but it also just breezed over the ones it didn’t care about.

Here, because of the shortness of the doc, and yet I’m being told how historic and profound the recording studio is, you can’t help but think something is missing. how do you cram 90 years into 90 minutes? That’s the real question.

But, for music doc lovers, i think there’s enough here, and some really cool behind the scenes footage to make this worth a look. but, this is not Summer Of Soul. It never feels comprehensive.

The audio description helps to keep track of who is in the found footage, as we travel through time. The artists do change, it’s not a Beatles doc. So, knowing who got to grace this studio is important.

It is fine. Good, not great. Exactly the kind of passive content I’d expect Disney Plus to fill themselves up with.

Final Grade: B

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