The Not Enough Time Today Roundup- 01/09/23

When I’m not reviewing shows, I work. Currently, I’m assistant directing a musical (because blind people can do whatever the hell we want), and my time is super limited. I managed 4 shows in and around everything yesterday, but the time… to write this colum… does not exist. All four shows I’ve written about before, all four have audio description. So, real quick…

4) Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of WTF

I guess after the last couple episodes, I should have expected that they would absolutely “go there”, but this episode based around paintings has an unfortunate stomach churning segment that most horror directors would have avoided. Then again, i did sit through that episode of Them….but this was… i wish I hadn’t seen it.

Episode Grade: My God. no. Never Again.

Oh, and the acting in this show is still awful, and coming from people who should know better.

3) Dead To Me (Netflix)

Episode 5. The one where they find out Ben was driving. A very weird episode, and I had forgotten about the grief support group.

Episode Grade: B+

2) Riches (Amazon)

I think this might be rapidly becoming one of my new favorite things. This is so delicious. if you miss those good old fashioned nighttime soaps where rich people had issues, and lots of backstabbing happened, Riches is soooooo good.

Episode Grade: A

1) Vampire Academy (Peacock)

This season finale though. it did not hold back. People died. The budget for this must have been nuts. Wow. Please, let there be a Season 2.

Episode Grade: A+

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