Best of 2022: Top 10 Supporting Actor In A Drama

This category had less total people competing for the top 10 than Supporting Actress, though I did still make some tough cuts. One of them being Tyler Labine for new Amsterdam, who made my list last year for his work dealing with a patient that went too far. So who did make the cut?

10) Malcolm Goodwin (Reacher) Amazon

9) Piotr Adamcsyk (For All Mankind) Apple Plus

8) Michael Imperioli (The White lotus) HBO

7) Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul) AMC

6) Bradley Whitford (The Handmaid’s Tale) Hulu

5) Gary Cole (The Good Fight) Paramount Plus

4) Joe Mantengna (As We See it) Amazon

3) Andre Braugher (The Good Fight) Paramount Plus

2) Cole Hauser (Yellowstone) Paramount

1) John Lithgow (The Old Man) FX

Two of these programs lack audio description, Yellowstone and the final seaosn of Better Call Saul. The other eight do have AD. Like the Supporting Actress category, there are many nominees here that will be ineligible next year, making for a very exciting new list. I expect at least 7 of the nominees to be ineligible, and the other three depend on the shooting schedules for their shows. Yes, i realize this is the second time I’ve left off anyone from Severance, but that will change.

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