The Apology

Where I Watched It: AMC Plus

English Audio Description?: no

Another film I’m struggling to remember as I catch up from the barrage of films i watched over Christmas break. It was… a lot. Like, a lot. This is actually loosely a Christmas film, as our lead character (Anna Gunn) is visited by someone from her past with some unnerving news.

Most of this film is just two people, although Janeane Garofalo appears in a supporting turn, in case you wondered whatever happened to her. Remember how Hard Candy was basically Ellen (now Elliot) Page and Patrick Wilson, but then Sandra Oh is in the film for like a hot second? It’s a lot like that.

It’s a Shudder movie too i believe, in case you’re wondering which direction this film is headed. It’s almost impossible to talk about this film at length anyway because it almost instantly spoils itself. The best way to get the most out of it is to know nothing. It will reveal itself to you, but a movie that is essentially a conversation between two people that goes in a certain direction doesn’t have much to offer aside from a few minor twists.

I remember the acting here being good. I remember that even though this film lacks audio description, I didn’t declare it unwatchable. Sure, there are parts I missed, or were hard to follow, but most of this film is just talking. Back and forth. When it dos change up its basic formula, especially toward the end, you want audio description. But, I did manage to get most of the idea. This is a film with an interesting elevator pitch that leans heavily on Anna Gunn to deliver the whole film. Linus Roache, in the opposite role, actually is less important to the success, even though they have relatively the same amount of screentime. Gunn makes or breaks this.

That’s about all I can say. If you are concerned about content, i did say I believe this is technically a Shudder component (which you get along with AMC Plus). So…

Final Grade: B-

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