Where I Watched it: Netflix

English Audio Description?: No

This Leonard Cohen doc ended up on Netflix after failing to get a spot in the final five. It also doesn’t have audio description which seems to be a growing trend in theatrically released documentaries. Netflix and HBO MAX will put it on their own content, but these other acquisitions seem to struggle. Here, the film is largely about the power of Leonard Cohen’s best known song, and it’s musical history.

If you want a longer look at Cohen the artist, there’s an older documentary “I Am your Man”, which might be worth your time. This pretty much just has this song on repeat for two hours. There’s a segment where it tackles all the times it has been used by singers in reality competitions. It’s a lot. It also talks quite a bit about Jeff Buckley, whose cover of this song really is the most well known. I’ve met people who thought he wrote the damn thing.

Without audio description, it’s unlikely you’ll ever know who is talking, so choosing to watch this really is about whether or not you love this song, Leonard Cohen, or are a big fan of music documentaries. Casual movie fans, especially blind ones, might not find much to glean here.

Final Grade: B

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