Oscars: A Bunch Of First Time Winners Make History

The Oscars are behind us, and we are back at square one, or to paraphrase, we are now nothing, nowhere, all at once. A24 proved their Oscar dominance by winning big with their titles Everything Everywhere All At Once, which left them with an almost complete sweep of the above the line categories (minus Sarah Polley’s win for Women Talking). Overall, the studio led the pack with the most wins, followed by Netflix, whose war drama All Quiet On The Western Front turned out to be their strongest contender, winning 4 Oscars.

But, which categories did I get correct? Which did I get wrong? Basically, with the exception of production Design, i either guessed the winner, or I had the winner as the potential spoiler. I missed eight categories, and the only one that truly blew me away was All Quiet winning production design. My other seven misses, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Costume Design, Documentary Short, Live Action Short, and of course Best Picture, all I had predicted the eventual winner in what you might call the runner up slot, or the other side of the coin.

A year with really tight races had the opportunity to make waves, which it certainly did by making Michelle Yeoh the first Asian-American to win in a leading category, male or female. Ruth Carter became the first black woman to win two costume awards. And, Mandy Walker had to settle for being only the third female to be nominated in her category.

No film since Network has won three acting categories, so Jamie Lee Curtis’s somewhat surprising win changed that game. This year, I found myself really good at predicting who won the SAG, and pretty good at predicting BAFTA nominees and winners, but I wish I had done better at the Oscars.

This season is over, and the buzz for next year is already somewhat loud, with some obvious picks slated for release, like Killers Of The Flower Moon and Oppenheimer, as well as some really strong Sundance expectations, including a film that has Jonathan Majors already in the Best Actor conversation.

It will be interesting, but I think I’m taking a few months off to let these films grow before we start talking about who will succeed the butt plug and hot dog finger extravaganza. Will paramount Plus feel the need to actually start using the already existing audio description track now that they are hosting the Besst Picture winner? Probably not. Start calling in and complaining now.

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