Somebody I Used To Know

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I followed Allison Brie into Spin Me round last year, and still in my mind, she can’t do wrong. Even after this film, which she made with husband Dave Franco in the director’s chair, i still want to see things she’s in. That’s star power, when you choose a film based entirely on one cast member. Yes, this film is so close to the plot of young Adult, I rolled my eyes outside of my head. But, the cast can be charming.

The plot revolves around Brie, who plays a Hollywood type that returns home to her mom (Julie Hagerty, in a role that can best be described as “up for anything”), and she reconnects with an old friend, only to find out that old friend she just is starting to have feelings for again… is getting married. Oh, and she’s invited… to be the videographer. I’m sure everything will work out fine.

of course, like Young Adult, she does not give up so easily, and that becomes the conflict, before she looks in the mirror and realizes she’s become somebody she used to know. See what I did there?

Danny Pudi and Haley Joel Osment are standouts in the ensemble, and even though the film feels like the result of a project done by tracing paper, the cast is charming, which is the strongest suit. The audio description here has some sight gags to work with, as the film definitely feels like something Dave Franco would direct. His instincts here are decent as a director, I just want to see him do something more original.

Slightly better than Spin Me round.

Final Grade: C+

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