The Too Much TV Roundup: 03/15/23

Today, I do have a spot of TV News. Disney Plus, likely to the surprise of no one, cancelled their disappointing Willow TV series. It’s all about the casting, guys. And, also…. Bringing a property back from the 80’s that’s aimed at the younger crowd, who probably haven’t seen Willow, was maybe a mistake.

7) Will Trent (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

Someone had to lose today, so it might as well be one of the shows that did not provide audio description. This has very much been a recurring problem with Will Trent, which leads me to believe ABC doesn’t really care about it all that much, and it’s longevity is spotty at best. This week, we tackled GBT, which is oddly not the only show to do this. I will say what keeps Will afloat, isn’t so much his character, but that this show has set a certain tone, and has worked hard in this short period of time to really flesh out the main cast, which is something this episode did right. It just needed some damn audio description. Detective shows, where we are trying to uncover a mystery alongside our lead, often require narration so we can pick up on little details. This is why, you should just describe everything all the time.

Episode Grade: B-

6) 911 Lone Star (FOX/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

I gotta say, I normally give this show a break on the lack of audio description because I like it. But this week, with a car somehow ending up an electric pole, I needed the audio description to explain just exactly how that happened. It’s a proper week to finally be able to address how this show needs audio description in a very specific way.

Episode Grade: B

5) The Daily Show With Kal Penn (Comedy)

English Audio Description?: No

Kal is actually probably the most qualified host, if we are looking at taking The Daily Show seriously. With his actual political experience, and time spent working in Obama’s White House, Penn has the closest actual grasp to the topics he’s discussing. However, even though he is an excellent interviewer, and comes across with sincerity, he’s not really a comedian. All of his jokes felt written, without his input. This isn’t a guy who is going to land a great off the cuff crack, but he will absolutely make you believe he really does understand how the sausage got made with any topic he’s discussing. Still rooting for Chelsea Handler, and Kal is somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Episode Grade: B

4) The Mandalorian (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

While I loved the audio description for the aerial dogfights, and I was certain we were finally headed in the right direction, this show asked for my patience yet again by leaping to another planet, introducing a whole new subplot and characters, and boring the ever loving hell out of me. Sorry, but the actor playing the doctor was on acting ambien, and it annoyed me. The first half was great, the second overstayed its welcome, and the only reason anyone could like it is because they believe it will lead to something greater. But right now, we don’t know what it leads to. Just like we don’t know if we’ll ever see that monster swimming in those waters again. There is no guarantee of either.

Episode Grade: B+

3) South Park (Comedy/HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: No

Audio Description would be nice, especially in episodes where we sing a song that I assume is over a montage. There was about 2 minutes there where I had no idea what was going on. However,I always appreciate the topical conversation, and this season hasn’t mentioned Tegrity once. So, keep up the good work guys! no more Tegrity? I’m all about that.

Episode Grade: A-

2) American Auto (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Easily one of the funniest episodes so far. When that little kid entered the room looking for his teacher, and got snapped at by our Auto team, I laughed out loud, which I rarely do. Sometimes, a chuckle. But, this was a well written episode. I chuckled or full out laughed a few times.

Episode Grade: A

1) Ted lasso (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

If you’re wondering why people like this series so much, one scene defined it all. It’s the scene where Ted keeps his cool while being interviewed by reporters. When thrown a gotcha question that would have had most coaches reeling, Ted had such a classy response, and turned the conversation back on himself, taking the awkwardness out of the room for everyone else. Jason Sudekis has said this is Ted’s final season, and that the way this season ends will satisfy fans, and I trust that he knows what he’s talking about.

Episode Grade: A

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