80 For Brady

Where I Watched it: Paramount Plus

English Audio Description?: Yes

It’s pretty hard to assemble a cast like this and have a bad movie. Although, I do now look at Sally Field, knowing she’s a method actress, and wonder… did she go all in on this role?

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally field, and Rita Moreno team up as the Toon Squad to Tom Brady’s Space jam. The plot is simple. Tomlin had cancer a while back, and she and her friends watched Brady and the patriots because they couldn’t change the channel, and became fans. When her cancer resurfaces, she doesn’t tell her friends, but she does push them to go see Brady in the Super Bowl in Houston.

moreno plays a version of herself that lives in an assisted living type facility. Fonda writes erotic fan fiction based on Rob Gronkowski. And Sally Field has a husband (because one of them has to), and he (Bob Balaban) can’t get along without her.

The supporting cast in here is wide. From someone like Balaban to Sara Gilbert to Andy Richter. Plus, expect some NFL players. But, this film is made for the senior crowd. in theatres, this film had senior rates no matter which showtime you chose, or how old you were. They know their demo.

Honestly, I think they spent about an hour on the script, had the first draft, paid these ladies well, and made this movie. It’s four ladies getting into shenanigans while subverting expectations based on their age. And, later, of course Tom Brady is bringing out his Oscar caliber talent.

It’s fine. If you enjoyed Book Club, you’ll like this. Sometimes, even a film that seems safe and a no brainer with top talent can still be terrible. I had to sit through Mac and Rita last year, so I know. But this was pretty much exactly what i thought it would be. My mom loved it, and she’s in that above 65 crowd that this is made for.

The audio description tries to always focus on the comedy of the situation, and later the football action we finally get to see.I didn’t really have a problem with it. It’s a pretty dialogue heavy film, so it’s pretty basic.

I’m not going to bring the hammer down on this. i never assumed it would be Shakespeare, and for what I knew it would be, it really pretty much stuck that landing.

Final Grade: B-

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