Ant Man

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus

English Audio Description provided By: Deluxe

Narrated By: Helen Vasee

I feel pretty confident that a Marvel movie that opened in February and was not exactly welcomed with open arms should be dropping this month. We do have Memorial Day coming up, and Disney has both Avatar 2 and Ant Man 3. if neither of them drop, then Bob Iger sucks. That’s just the answer to that equation. Wakanda Forever dropped in November, and hit Disney plus right at the top of February. Ant Man is less fantastic, and we’re already at may 12th. The fuck is up at Disney Plus? And where is Avatar?

I’ve already watched and reviewed this film before as a sighted critic. So this was based on my experience now as a blind critic. My opinion on the film hasn’t changed. I really enjoy quirky heroes like this (I’d kill for a Squirrel Girl movie), and Paul Rudd was a great choice. Tapping Evangeline Lily and michael Douglas for more permanent MCU positions was also a smart choice.

Sometimes, when a talented and proven director is fired from a project, there’s a part of you that will always wonder “what if?” In this case, while Peyton Reed turned out decent product, a part of me wonders still if Edgar Wright (Baby Driver/Shaun Of The Dead) wasn’t the better choice. Yellowjacket isn’t the weakest MCU villain, but he’s not the greatest either. no one is out there clamoring for more of him. He felt a little close to Tony Stark’s first big bad in the original iron Man. Corporate greed, similar costumes and tech, someone else really started the company… so on and so forth. But, with this cast, it’s somehow more fun than it has the right to be, and I enjoy it on repeat viewings.

While the audio description does a fairly good job of monitoring the shrinking and growing, there is that epic train fight, which seems epic, but really isn’t. I wish there was a way the narrator could have found a more playful way to describe the absurdity and creativity of that scene. That was probably the biggest lacking moment for me.

But, at least I’m more ready for Quantum Mania whenever it drops. I actually have an open mind, since I think I’ve been enjoying this franchise more than most from the beginning.

Final Grade: A-

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