Judy Blume Forever

Where i Watched it: Amazon

English Audio Description provided By: The Media access Group

Narrated By: Shannon Stokey

Well, this is currently my favorite film of the year so far, and I’m not even that big of a Judy Blume fan, but this did such a great job making me feel like I should be. The audio description, however, really could have brought a little more to the table.

Judy Blume Forever features a lot of moments with the author in her own words. But it also allows for many voices to talk about either how Blume contributed to their adolescence or how her inclusion in the perpetual attempt to ban books relates to their individual work. So, it’s a mixture of recognizable faces like Samantha Bee and Molly Ringwald, but less obvious choices like authors of books you may never have read. It explores how Blume pushed boundaries by talking about topics she knew young adults were curious about themselves, and putting those ideas into contextual frames for which these kids could feel like someone out there heard them.

And because of that, so many people wrote to her over the years, and she wrote back. Some of it was just adoration from fans, but some of it was really tough stuff these kids felt like they had no one else to talk to about. not only does it cover how Blume handled this, but it also tackles how she became the center piece for the banned books movement in the 80’s, going up against Pat Robertson on Crossfire.

Now, she lives a quieter life running a bookstore in Key West that proudly sells banned books, and encourages those to read her books.

I loved the whole thing. I think i might have read Superfudge. That sounded familiar to me, but at best I think I maybe read two of her books as a kid. Yet, I became a bigger fan thanks to this really well made documentary. The only problem I have is with the audio description, and how there were many times during the film where someone was talking, and i didn’t know who it was, or why it was relevant. The narrator does point out a few names of some of the banned books authors, but a lot of it felt like random talking heads. I prefer to know who is speaking in these documentaries. It’s a little silly thing, I know. I’m sure I’m asking for the moon.

Absolutely watch this though. Whether you like her or not, it’s just a solid documentary that gave me the full scope of an author I knew next to nothing about.

Final Grade: A

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