Golden Globe Nominations (Film Categories)

The Golden Globes SHUT OUT The Butler. Wow. Another surprise was no nomination for James Gandolfini, but they nominated Julia Louis Dreyfus anyway for Enough Said. Greta Gerwig snuck in a nomination. Idris Elba finally gets some recognition for Mandela. Best Drama 12 Years A Slave Captain Phillips Philomena Gravity Rush Best Comedy or Musical American Hustle Her Inside Llewyn Davis Nebraska The Wolf Of Wall Street Best Director Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips) Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave) Alexander Payne (Nebraska) David O’Russell (American Hustle) Best Actor In A Drama Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) … Continue reading Golden Globe Nominations (Film Categories)

Friday Box Office: ‘After Earth’ flops in third

1) Fast and Furious 6 After raking in 10.5 million yesterday, Fast 6 seems on track to easily win the weekend again, bringing in another 35 million. That’s still quite a drop from last week, and even slightly disappointing considering the lack of a fight that After Earth has put up. 2) Now You See Me Now You See Me raked in 10M from late Thursday shows and Friday. The film is dramatically overperforming, and is looking at a weekend gross of 27M, above the studio’s projection of 20M. Now You See Me also managed an A Cinemascore (somehow), which … Continue reading Friday Box Office: ‘After Earth’ flops in third

Box Office Predictions: 5/31-6/2- ‘Earth’ battles for the top spot

1) Fast and Furious 6- 45M weekend, 200M total The franchise has been getting pretty good buzz. With such a huge opening, it’s almost impossible to not drop at least in half, which would leave it with about 45M this weekend, probably edging out After Earth and getting to keep the crown for a second weekend. 2) After Earth- 40M weekend Will Smith is still a pretty huge draw in terms of box office. Last summer’s Men In Black 3 opened to 54M, Hancock did 62M, and I Am Legend did 77M. Granted, his box office has been slipping a … Continue reading Box Office Predictions: 5/31-6/2- ‘Earth’ battles for the top spot

Memorial Day Box Office: “Fast 6” Helps Set A Record

1) Fast and Furious 6- 120M 4-Day Weekend, 120M Total 2) The Hangover 3- 51.2M 4-Day Weekend, 63.0 Total 3) Star Trek: Into Darkness- 47M 4-Day Weekend, 155.8 Total 4) Epic- 42M 4 Day Weekend, 42M Total 5) Iron Man 3- 24.3 4 Day Weekend, 372.4 Total 6) The Great Gatsby- 17.0 4 Day Weekend, 117.7 Total 7) Mud- 2.4 4 Day Weekend, 15.0 Total 8) The Croods- 1.6 4 Day Weekend, 179.6 Total 9) 42- 1.6 4 Day Weekend, 91.4 Total 10) Oblivion- 1.0 4 Day Weekend, 87.5 Total __) Before Midnight- 0.3 4 Day Weekend, 0.3 Total (only … Continue reading Memorial Day Box Office: “Fast 6” Helps Set A Record