The Too Much TV Roundup- June 12th

Admittedly, I’m still catching up on TV shows. Very much so.

1) Girls5Eva (Peacock)

English Audio Description: Yes

Peacock is on thin ice with me right now. They don’t actually have enough returning shows to get hyped over, as they have a rather small roster. the fact that Girls5Eva hasn’t been already renewed in a multi-season deal is insane. This is the funniest show on any platform. I know Emmy voters aren’t watching, but you should be. The second episode of Season 2 featured Wiki trying to hide one of her feet, because only one of them is perfect apparently. Meanwhile, the girls write another awful song, where they find as many different ways to use the word “set” as possible. It’s nonsense, but in the best of ways.

Episode Grade: A

2) The Big Con (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the final part of this 4 part docuseries, the “will they capture Eric?” Is answered, but the more disturbing reality is how shitty our government is. Sure, Eric is the obvious villain of this four part brilliance, but if you read between the lines, you realize that because of the actions of one man, thousands of people lost their disability income (many who did actually need it), because the government pulled their disability without having them reevaluated, then charged these poor (literally, dirt poor) people with thousands of dollars owed in supposed fraud they don’t even know is true because they never evaluated them. Then, some lawyers heard what was going on and tried to offer their services pro bono, but still couldn’t get everyone their disability back that actually was disabled. You learn of the suicides that came as a result of the government’s actions, as well as the. People still waiting to hear back on their appeals, years later. In the meantime, 72 of Eric’s former clients are now deceased. Who does the government work for? It’s hard to tell, since the SSA refused to comment on this documentary that makes them look like an evil cabal.

Episode Grade: A, Series Grade: A

3) The Offer (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I’m pretty much always going to put this show a notch lower than I would have, should the episode choose to feature whoever that is doing that awful Al Pacino impersonation. The rest of the show is great, and there are some strong performances coming through. I believe Miles Teller is in the role originally intended for Armie Hammer, and he fits like a glove.

Episode Grade: A-

4) South Park: The Streaming wars (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description available?: Yes

Listening to South Park with audio description is going to take getting used to. But picking a voice that sounds better suited for Dora The Explorer was maybe not the right call. I felt like I was being talked to like i was watching a children’s television show, not a show where Cartman gets a boob job. Not a show where Randy keeps getting called Karen, while running his pot farm. It runs under an hour, so I’m not treating this as “feature length”. I love South Park, and I think this episode had some brilliant stuff in it, but it ended on such a weird point. I was surprised it was over. I felt like there wasn’t resolution.

Episode Grade: B+

5) The Chase (ABC)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Finally caught up on this week’s episode of The Chase. Not much to write about other than, I like trivia shows obviously.

Episode Grade: B+

6) Evil (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I loved Season 1. I loved the ambiguity about whether or not the presence of real evil occurred in each episode. Now, by the third season, it’s pretty clear that they’re leaning all the way in. Which is a shame,because that is it or isn’t it is one of the strongest factors this show has in its hands. But the season premiere was all over the place. I have such a back log of shows, I regret jumping right in. I was going to do a video recap, but this premiere just let me down. Why are these kids playing ANOTHER random game? Do they not have ANY mainstream games they’ve ever heard of? And why are they so obnoxious? Their need to get into the bathroom was stupid. Does this house only have one bathroom? With that many people? And the fact that Leland would be offered a job after last season is just… insanity. I know they are trying to find a way to keep Michael Emerson around (who I love), but it has to make sense. Make it make sense. This episode did not make a damn bit of sense.

Episode Grade: C

7) A Very British Scandal (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

in this limited series, Claire Foy and Paul Bettany are apparently in a scandal. What that scandal is, I must have missed it. I think Foy’s character forged a letter from Bettany’s ex-wife saying that the children were actually hers, but… are people that stupid? Like, are they? That can’t be the scandal, right? I must have misunderstood that. So until I see an actual scandal, this is just a show that is wasting the talents of Bettany and Foy.

Episode Grade: C

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