EMMY WATCH: Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy

Veep is a major contender in the comedy category, and various acting awards, so it should be no surprise that Anna Chlumsky is a virtual lock for a nomination. There’s a ton of support for Laverne Cox for Orange Is The New Black, and while Emmy doesn’t always follow waves of support, there’s a message to be sent  by nominating Cox. I think Emmy will want to send that message. Her biggest competition is fellow Orange castmember Kate Mulgrew. Does the category have enough room for two castmembers?

If they don’t, then Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen may have to duke it out for the one Modern Family nomination. Also, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has to fight her Big Bang costar Mayim Bialik.

In the world of supporting actresses with no competition from their show, Merritt Weaver is back in the mix for Nurse Jackie, Allison Janney is a favorite for Mom, and Margo Martindale might even get some Emmy love for The Millers.

As longshots, this is the last season to recognize Cheryl Hines for Suburgatory, or Marcia Gay Harden for Trophy Wife. Zosia Mamet for Girls and Betty White for Hot In Cleveland will likely both get votes, but not enough to get the nomination. Jane Lynch is probably done getting nominated for Glee.

Wishful thinking would include Stephanie Beatriz for Brooklyn Nine Nine, Gillian Jacobs for Community, and Aubrey Plaza for Parks and Recreation.

I personally would nominated Cox, Mulgrew, Vergara, Harden, Hines, and Jacobs.

I think they’re going to nominate Vergara, Bowen, Cuoco-Sweeting, Mulgrew, Cox, and Weaver. I’m having a hard time predicting this, because I think Janney is a contender for Mom, but her show sucks.

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