TV Review: The Rebels (Pilot)

Starring: Natalie Zea, Josh Peck, Hayes MacArthur, Affion Crockett, Alan Ritchson, Billy Dee Williams, Brian White

So, this is my second pilot in the Amazon second cycle, and I kinda feel bad. I said that Amazon had a hard time finding a flagship series, and I think The Rebels might be it. It feels like it could have been a companion series to Entourage. It’s not really going to win any Emmy awards, but it’s the first series from Amazon where I can honestly say I want to watch the next episode. Right now.

Julie’s (Zea) husband just died, bequeathing her a professional football team, the LA Rebels. She’s in over her head, and has no idea what she’s doing. She promotes her husband’s assistant, Danny (Peck) to GM. They struggle with trying to sign a rookie quarterback (Ritchson), a hard partying Rebel (Crockett), and an over the hill quarterback (MacArthur).

There’s really good writing here. It doesn’t  throw tons of exposition at you, doesn’t treat you like an idiot, and has some legitimate funny moments. If I had one qualm, and I know they’re not changing this, but Josh Peck is annoying. He’s more like a child than a man, which makes his running the team like a 90’s Disney movie. “Look at the child who got his own football team! Yay! Disney!” That’s really my only problem with the show so far. I would have appreciated someone slightly more mature in the role.

I hope Amazon picks this up to series. It’ll be the first original series from them that I’ll watch episode 2 of.



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