TV Review: The After (Pilot)

Starring: Louise Monot, Adrian Pasdar, Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy, Arielle Kebbel, Andrew Howard, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Aldis Hodge.

Created By: Chris Carter

It’s an interesting premise. Is it the end of the world? Is it an attack? Is it the rapture? Obviously, that’s the big answer that Chris Carter is planning on revealing over the course of a season, should his Amazon series be picked up. Personally, I’m hoping for Godzilla. I watched a few of the first wave of Amazon pilots, and this is definitely a stronger candidate.

Eight strangers, brought together by by random chance, find themselves stuck in a parking garage with no way out. Mysteriously, the elevator doesn’t work, the stairwell door is closed, and the parking garage door is closed. Gigi (Monot) is an aspiring actress, Wade (Pasdar) is a lawyer, David (Kennedy) is a clown, D (Hodge) is an escaped convict, and Francis (Lawrence) a rich girl.

Some things are a little sketchy. I don’t like the dialogue sequence that reveals that D is a convict, or that Tammy (Kebbel) seems to get a southern accent later in the episode. Being on Amazon allows for a good deal of profanity, as well as some brief nudity. Also, the most cartoonish gangsters in history, apparently. And, a pretty good twist at the end.

It’s a rough start, I’ll admit, but as far as pilots go, it poses a lot of good questions and could be an interesting show as it unspools. However, if Amazon is planning on really going for Netfliix, I haven’t seen a single show that’s at the quality of House Of Cards or Orange Is The New Black. The After is good enough to get a series order on FOX, and probably Amazon, but it won’t be getting any Emmy love. Not if it continues on the same quality path as the pilot, anyway. It needs stronger writing.


2 thoughts on “TV Review: The After (Pilot)

  1. Does a show have to be a political drama to go after netflix?? It just needs to be entertaining and gritty. Its interesting. I’d watch.

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