EMMY WATCH: Best Actor In A Drama

Well, obviously Bryan Cranston. I mean, duh. Right? There’s absolutely no way this guy isn’t going to be nominated for the final season of Breaking Bad. Everyone loves Cranston now. Also, I don’t see a world in which Matthew McConaughey isn’t nominated for his performance in True Detective. The bigger question is whether or not Woody Harrelson can also be nominated. He faces some serious competition.

Jon Hamm is in the running for Mad Men. Michael Sheen will likely break through with Masters Of Sex. James Spader is a favorite for launching The Blacklist. Kevin Spacey is still buzzworthy for House of Cards. And if the campaign for The Americans is successful, Matthew Rhys could get nominated for The Americans.

To a lesser extent, Jeff Daniels is in the running for The Newsroom. Timothy Olyphant will get some votes for Justified. Freddie Highmore deserves more attention than he gets for Bates Motel. Demian Bichir might get some love for The Bridge. Charlie Hunnam will get overlooked for Sons of Anarchy. Liev Schreiber will get left off the list for Ray Donovan. Steve Buscemi won’t get nominated again for Boardwalk Empire. And Hugh Dancy is wishful thinking for Hannibal.

Personally, I’d vote for Highmore, Spader, Spacey, Daniels, Cranston, and Hunnam. That being said, I’ve not seen True Detective, Masters Of Sex, or Ray Donovan.

I think our nominees will be McConaughey, Cranston, Harrelson, Hamm, Sheen, and Spader.

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