EW Picks The Top 25 Best Characters, I Pick 10

EW’s Top 25 Best Character List is a bit suspect. I would say the 10 best characters they mention are:

1) Arya Stark- Game Of Thrones

2) Ron Swanson- Parks and Recreation

3) Sterling Archer- Archer

4) Mellie Grant- Scandal

5) Alison Hendrix- Orphan Black

6) Frank Underwood- House Of Cards

7) Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock

8) Selina Meyer- Veep

9) Sophia Burset- Orange Is The New Black

10) Mindy Lahiri- The Mindy Project

But I would also argue… they missed some.

1) Hannibal Lecter- Hannibal

2) Tyrion Lannister- Game Of Thrones

3) Darryl Dixon- The Walking Dead

4) Red Reddington- The Blacklist

5) Oliver Queen- Arrow

6) Jax Teller- Sons Of Anarchy

7) Gemma Teller- Sons Of Anarchy

8) Red Reznikov- Orange Is The New Black

9) Agent Coulson- Agents of Shield

What do you think?

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