Fall TV Is Almost Here…. Can I Catch Up?

I know many of you are looking at the fall TV season… wondering if any of these new shows will be good… which ones will be cancelled, and this mini-guide is here to help.

First of all, you can go ahead and watch a few pilots online. Hulu has been hosting the pilots to Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, A To Z, Forever, and Red Band Society. Also, don’t forget that Z Nation premieres tonight on SyFy.

Hulu Plus is also streaming the first season of FOX’s smash hit Sleepy Hollow, so if you missed it last season, you can get fully caught up before the premiere on Sept. 22nd. They also have the first two seasons of The Mindy Project, season one of Brooklyn Nine Nine, season 5 of Modern Family, all ten seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, all four seasons of The Good Wife, the first two seasons of Nashville, season 6 of Castle, season 3 of Once Upon A Time, season 1 of Chicago PD, and season 3 of Revenge.

Netflix also has recent seasons of Once and Revenge, as well as recent seasons of Arrow, The New Girl, and The Walking Dead. I don’t know why shows like The Goldbergs, Resurrection, and Agents Of Shield aren’t streaming their entire first seasons, since they could benefit from finding new eyes, but they don’t appear to be.

So, catch up on the old seasons before the new one starts!

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