Starring: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Laurence Fishburne

I’ve honestly never been an Anthony Anderson fan. Ever. I heard he was good on The Shield, but I never saw it. Black-ish is probably the best thing he’s ever done, that I’m aware of. He’s just the right amount of obnoxious to launch a new family comedy. And for once, ABC has put something at 930PM that actually pairs well with Modern Family.

The real winner here is Tracee Ellis Ross, who is hilarious, and bleeds excellent comic timing. Fishburne is often wasted. Literally anyone could have played that part in the pilot. Ross really shows up the entire cast. Love her.

The kids are varying degrees of interesting. The only one who really got screentime was Andre Jr. The other three haven’t been really fleshed out yet. I think two are twins?

I read from a lot of people that they’re confused. Is it supposed to be making fun of white people, or black people who act white? It’s a thin line they’re walking right now, and I expect them to fall to the wrong side occasionally. Not every joke will land perfectly.

The concept may get old, and Anthony Anderson seemed to narrate a LOT, even when it wasn’t needed. On top of the fact that I feel that Fishburne is wasted. I’m not on board yet for a season pass, but I’m gonna try a few more episodes. But, honestly, Trophy Wife was better. It just wasn’t given a real shot.


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