Friday Box Office: ‘Ant-Man’ Falling Short, ‘Trainwreck’ Doing Well

Ant-Man may not have been able to make a giant opening weekend, but at least it landed an A-cinemascore. It’ll be the smallest opening for a Marvel film, but Disney is still excited about the foreign prospects. Trainwreck is doing well, getting an A- cinemascore, and tracking above industry projections. Mr Holmes is close to opening in the Top 10. Pretty good for a film in only 363 screens.

1) Ant-Man- 23.4M Friday, 58M Weekend
2) Minions- 14.5M Friday, 47M Weekend
3) Trainwreck- 10.75M Friday, 28M Weekend
4) Jurassic World- 3.1M Friday, 10.5M Weekend
5) Inside Out- 3.3M Friday, 10.5M Weekend
6) Terminator Genisys- 1.4M Friday, 5M Weekend
7) Magic Mike XXL- 1.6M Friday, 4.5M Weekend
8) The Gallows- 1.3M Friday, 4M Weekend
9) Ted 2- 0.7M Friday, 2.3M Weekend
10) Bajrangdi Bhaijaan- 0.7M Friday, 2.2M Weekend
11) Mr Holmes- 0.6M Friday, 2.2M Weekend
12) Self/Less- 0.6M Friday, 2.1M Weekend
??) Irrational Man- 58K Friday, 180K Weekend
??) Stanford Prison Experiment- 8K Friday, 24K Weekend

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