Scream (Season 1)

I already reviewed the pilot, and I’ve been posting about who I thought the killer was all season. I wasn’t too surprised by the 1st Killer reveal, and a little disappointed (but not too surprised) by the 2nd Killer reveal.

There will be spoilers…

So, I’m happy that the season finale really didn’t off any of the major characters, except Sheriff Hudson. I’m glad Brooke and Noah made it out alive, and honestly… I’m hopeful for Audrey. Plus, Emma really is a bad ass after all. I mean, she really takes the Sydney award of the evening for just going after everything fearlessly.

My problem with the finale, and the potential of Season 2 is the big Audrey reveal. It was wholly unnecessary. The whole episode, there were several moments where I had a feeling Audrey was being obviously revealed. The attack at commercial break, which she somehow survived. Then she stumbles out with a flesh wound on her arm? Come on now. Really? Then she gave some silly excuse about “blacking out”. Oh, and when it came to someone holding the gun? Audrey was totally down. Then, Audrey somehow found Emma on the dock… and shot Piper before she could say anything. She even said “Bitch talks too much.” She might have, if left alive for a few more minutes.

And honestly? That last part is what makes me hopeful for Audrey and a season two.

The fact that Audrey was covering her tracks, and didn’t reveal herself as the killer COULD mean that she had a change of heart. I like Audrey, but as the season progressed, Audrey really became part of the gang, and made real friends. I can’t see Audrey sticking a knife in Noah. I think Season 2 would be far more interesting if Audrey WASN’T the killer, and that distrust that we have with her as the audience will keep it interesting. Maybe that’s her new arc. Maybe Audrey finds new life in being the “hero”. Making Audrey the villain in the finale episode seemed really heavy handed.

I had a feeling Piper was the killer most of the season. I thought Tyler would come back from the dead, since it was revealed he was adopted, and his kill was technically “off screen”. Yes, we saw a decapitated head, but that could have been fake. His body was burned, and deemed unidentifiable. They needed dental reports, and there was no followup on whether or not the dental records came back positive.

Tyler would have been a killer reveal.

Piper was a solid reveal.

Audrey? Like… I don’t know her motive. Being an outcast? Well, she’s not anymore. Her motive is seemingly gone. At this point, her being the killer in season two seems unnecessary.

I gotta say, Scream became a “must watch” show for me, where I watched each week as soon as possible, each episode. I couldn’t wait for more Scream each week. I anticipated each episode. Largely, because I wasn’t sure who the killer was. I enjoyed trying to figure it out, and eliminating suspects each week. If they go forward with Audrey as the killer… I have a feeling that will be the downfall of the series. I could be wrong, but without the mystery of “who is behind the mask”, I feel like the show just becomes something completely different.

I’m eagerly awaiting Season 2… which is a year away… but still. Looking forward to it.

Oh, and Season 2… we need some new characters, so get to casting.


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