Emmy Watch: Movie/Mini Actress

Surprisingly, no one from Roots is breaking through here. Pretty much everyone can agree that the top 4 ladies will all be nominated, with some mixture of the Wild Cards (or possibly a dark horse). I think for the actual win, Sarah Paulson is the one to beat here. She’s well respected as an actress, and her performance garnered a lot of attention, even moreso than her more well-known scene partners (Travolta, Gooding Jr). If I was voting here, I’d probably try to sneak Kirstin Wiig in for that 6th spot, along with Lily Taylor who was great in American Crime.

WILL BE NOMINATED: Sarah Paulson (The People VS OJ Simpson), Kerry Washington (Confirmation), Kirsten Dunst (Fargo), Felicity Huffman (American Crime)
WILD CARDS: Audra McDonald (Lady Day At Emerson’s Bar and Grill), Lady Gaga (American Horror Story), Lily Taylor (American Crime)
DARK HORSES: Alyvia Alyn Lind (A Coat Of Many Colors), Shanice Williams (The Wiz Live), Blythe Danner (Madoff), Lily James (War and Peace), Sarah Hay (Flesh and Bone), Angela Lansbury (Driving Miss Daisy)
SHOULDA BEEN A CONTENDER: Kristin Wiig (A Deadly Adoption)

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