Actor Profile: Jay Mohr

Today is Jay Mohr’s birthday. I wanted to do an actor profile, and honestly it seemed to be between Mohr and Scott Caan, and I picked Mohr. It was quite a toss up, I’ll admit. Mohr has been in some truly terrible films, so this should be interesting.

If you want me to pick his best film performance, I’ll say Suicide Kings, which pushed him a bit dramatically. However, looking at his entire career, he was a perfect fit for Action!, a show cancelled too soon. Easily the best role of his career. But if you haven’t seen Suicide Kings, you should. Not really for Mohr, but it is a good, little seen film.

Is Jay Mohr iconic? I’m not even sure that many people remember his short stint on SNL, so honestly I think his most iconic role would be as Jerry’s rival in Jerry Maguire.

I was surprised to find out he was in Hereafter, and since I never saw that and heard the film was pretty good, I’ll pick that.

I’m tempted to pick Gary Unmarried, but I won’t. Honestly, I thought Mafia! was dumb, and he was the star of it so it was basically his fault. Somewhat. Though, he has a lot of films on his list that aren’t remembered for being very good.

Roles/Films/TV I’ve Seen:
1) Camp Wilder (1992)
2) SNL (1993)
3) The Jeff Foxworthy Show (1996)
4) Jerry Maguire (1996)
5) Suicide Kings (1997)
6) Small Soldiers (1998)
7) Mafia! (1998)
8) Action! (1999)
9) Cherry Falls (2000)
10) Pay It Forward (2000)
11) The Adventures Of Pluto Nash (2002)
12) Simone (2002)
13) Fastlane (2003)
14) The West Wing (2004)
15) Are We There Yet? (2005)
16) Gary Unmarried (2008)
17) Suburgatory (2011)
18) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)

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