Friday Box Office: Well That Was Disappointing

All that “tracking” for Blair Witch and Bridget Jones’s Baby ended up being just a giant turd filled sandwich. Blair Witch was tracking with a potential 20M opening, with some critics praising it. It’s looking to wind up with 9.4M for the weekend, and a D+ cinemascore. A D+ cinemascore. D+. Dee. Plus. Somewhere, there’s a critic at Bloody Disgusting cutting his wrists while mumbling “I just don’t understand.” Apparently this is not a film for the masses.

And over in Renee Zellweger’s Career Is Over News, Bridget Jones’s Baby landed in third with 8.7M, proving people are done with Zellweger and Jones. Even the addition of Patrick Dempsey couldn’t save this. The tracking failure on this is enough to get people fired, with it being the top seller on Fandango, and tracking in the mid-teens. Many thought it would be the highest opener of the franchise. It’s not.

One film did come in as expected, Snowden, which was projected to tank this weekend, and has appropriately tanked. However, we do have to praise Snowden for landing an A cinemascore, which could mean it ends up outgrossing Bridget and Blair in the end. Bridget only managed a B+. An A cinemascore is highly coveted, as it usually results in an end multiplier near 4X, which would put Snowden’s out at 34M. Not great, but if it can get there, it’ll do it through strong week-to-week holds. Other films in release still that have A cinemascores include Sully, Bad Moms, Kubo, and Pete’s Dragon, and you’ve seen how their week-to-week holds have been.

Also, Christians have not shown up for Hillsong, and it will not be cracking the Top 10.

In limited release, the Eddie Murphy flick Mr Church opened in just over 300 screens. He’s getting praised for his film, but the film apparently sucks. A 19% on Rotten Tomatoes is probably why this film is getting less than !k per screen this weekend.

Sully, instead, is the only bright spot in theatres, dipping only 38% to 21.7M. Next weekend features more “sure fire” hits, with the animated Storks and Denzel Washington/Chris Pratt starrer The Magnificent Seven aiming big. Storks could pull in 25-30M, and Magnificent Seven should go higher.

1) Sully- 21.7M Weekend, 70.3M Total
2) Blair Witch- 9.4M Weekend, 9.4M Total
3) Bridget Jones’s Baby- 8.7M Weekend, 8.7M Total
4) Snowden- 8.5M Weekend, 8.5M Total
5) Don’t Breathe- 5.5M Weekend, 75.3M Total
6) When The Bough Breaks- 5.2M Weekend, 22.4M Total
7) Suicide Squad- 4.5M Weekend, 313.6M Total
8) Kubo- 2.6M Weekend, 44.3M Total
9) The Wild Life- 2.5M Weekend, 6.5M Total
10) Pete’s Dragon- 2M Weekend, 72.8M Total
11) Hell Or High Water- 1.9M Weekend, 22.8M Total
??) Hillsong- 1.8M Weekend, 1.8M Total
??) Beatles: Eight Days A Week- 631K Weekend, 631K Total
??) Mr Church- 521K Weekend, 521K Total
??) The Disappointments Room- 367K Weekend, 2.2M Total

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