The Too Much TV Roundup

Once again, a massive post giving you a glimpse of what I’m watching on TV, because one man doesn’t have the time to watch and review all the content I consume.

Netflix: Starting off with a non-recommendation. After three episodes, I gave up on Stay Close. I was really excited for another Netflix adaptation from this author, as I enjoyed The Stranger from two years ago. But, even with the presence of Richard Armitage (who was also in The Stranger), Stay Close has done nothing but push me further away. It’s three and done. I don’t care how this limited series ends. There’s better TV out there.

Amazon: Here, I’m not quite finished with The Legend Of Vox Machina, but for an adventure based adult animation, I’m enjoying it. Honestly, I never got into Dungeones and Dragons, so i don’t know how fans of the tabletop game feel about this show, but as a non-fan, the balance of action and humor works well, and the characters are well developed so far, aside from “this is what their abilities are”. Slight spoiler alert, but when two characters went their separate ways in an effort for one of them to reconnect with something they lost, I got feels. From an animated Dungeons and Dragons show. Kudos.

Hulu: Well, Dollface is back. Feels like forever, and admittedly I’m not very deep into Season 2, but I love Kat Dennings, and the second season thus far has proved it isn’t stuck in a creative sophomore slump.

HBO MAX: I know this is cheating a bit, but if you only have the streaming service, you still have The Righteous Gemstones, a comedy that sends up televangelism in the way you would expect from a show starring Danny McBride and John Goodman. I loved season one, and I know people on HBO get excited about shows like Barry, Euphoria, and Succession, but The Righteous Gemstones is right up there with the best of the best. Clever writing, hilarious characters, and yet a ton of heart at times. It can be dark, it can even be somewhat violent, but it is always well written.

Paramount Plus: I am watching 1883. I don’t know how I feel about this Yellowstone prequel. It’s not as good as the flagship series yet, but it could be. Sometimes, I feel like the show underuses Sam Elliot, when he’s by far the most talented of all the actors. Also, I would have loved for Billy Bob Thornton to stick around longer. he seems perfect for this show and this universe.

Apple Plus: The After Party hit me with two great episodes right up front. It was nice to see how the story shifted depending on who was telling it, and the cast is massively talented. i love Dave Franco playing this celebrity douchebag who is so slimy anyone could have knocked him off, and Tiffany Haddish is surprisingly good as a detective trying to get to the bottom of it all. The third episode wasn’t great, but I suppose in this format, not everyone’s perspectives are going to be purposeful. Though, that character is obnoxious, so an entire episode centered around them was a bit much anyway.

All shows listed above offer audio description.

And an honorable mention to a show that doesn’t, but I don’t care. I’ve been watching South Park my whole life and unlike Family Guy, which at some point seemed less funny to me, or The Simpsons, I’ve seen every episode of South Park, now in its 25th season. Even though I’ve hated the “Tegrity” storyline since they kept it around for more than one season (am i the only one wishing Randy would go back to being a geologist?), each episode still seems to have an angle, or something clever to offer. There’s always something needing to be satirized in South Park, and maybe I could wait to see if later the episodes get description when they move to streaming, but I watch this immediately. It’s been gone since before Covid, with only a few specials, and no full seasons. It’s so nice to have it back.

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