The Too Much TV Round Up

It’s that time of week when I rundown the top 10 shows I watched last week I feel compelled to talk about. New development, is that… midweek… Peacock pushed an update to their application that actually allowed me to navigate and turn on audio description. Mind blowing. So, strap in, because even more titles on this list are now likely to have audio description.

1) Moon Knight (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I cannot state how much I loved the pilot episode of this series. And it has very little to do with my excitement for the character or my love of all things marvel. i thought the pilot was interesting on its own, even if it wasn’t superhero related. The idea that this mild-mannered museum employee keeps waking up in random locations apparently after blacking out, and this happens to him perpetually, and we never see what happens during the blackouts just the aftermath was compelling storytelling. Add the voices in his head, one of them being an Egyptian god, some mystery Scarab, and you have the trappings of what will no doubt be a six episode fast paced wonder.

2) Halo (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

While things slowed down a bit, it did reveal a lot to us about where the direction of the show is headed. I still think this show could do more in terms of the audio description in terms of the science fiction elements. This takes place 500 years in the future, and as someone who remembers the visuals from the game, even I’m having a hard time importing all of that into this show. I can’t imagine what someone who has no idea what Halo ever looked like is thinking, and I really wish they’d stick to calling him Master Chief instead of John. He’s earned his iconic title.

3) Julia (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I didn’t start very many new shows this week, but I did jump into the new Julia Child comedy on HBO MAX, starring Sarah Lancashire (who was terrific in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie), David Hyde Pierce, and Bebe Neuwirth. It’s an interesting look at Julia’s transition into a TV Icon, and for Frazier fans, it’ll hit that nostalgia button as well. The audio description seemed to be fine, as this show is pretty heavily audio described, my only note would be that this is set in a specific time period, and more attention to detail with regards to our surroundings, and costumes, might help round out the series.

The Endgame (NBC/Peacock/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes, but not on all of those services.

This last episode that put our hero in the path of her mother’s killer felt almost too soon in terms of this being the first season, and not even the season finale. However, there’s something about how this show is playing out in an attempt to be unpredictable that throwing this moment in early, a moment that seems like it might have been impactful, and just treating it like any other day, feels on brand for the direction this show has gone so far. I’ve been really happy with the show so far.

5) The Thing About Pam (NBC/Hulu/Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Renee Zellweger is doing a fantastic job here. That’s all. The series might have worked better as a movie, and i don’t know the total episode count, but Zellweger’s performance makes this worth the watch.

6) 911 Lone Star (FOX)

English Audio Description?: No

This last weeks episode that found the crew chasing down someone who might have a grudge on Rob Lowe was a pleasant surprise in many ways. It’s right in the middle of the season, and it put several characters in danger, and delivered a nice little twist you might not have seen coming. I like this show, it might be a guilty pleasure of mine. Let me put it this way, it’s one of a few that I’ve bothered to stick with even without audio description. That’s becoming more and more rare.

7) Upload (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I left this off my list last week, but I had already started into the show. I really enjoy the concept behind Upload, and I don’t know where it is in terms of ratings for Amazon, but I do enjoy the theories and concepts brought up. Also, for a show that is somewhat science fiction, it does a good job of nailing those elements in the audio description. Make sure to start this from Episode 1, because there is a whodunit mystery built in here.

8) The Masked Singer (FOX/Hulu)

English Audio Description: Not for me. I’ve heard others mention it has it, I’ve never heard it.

This week was clear to me that no one votes. She was definitely not the worst singer, and dont worry, I won’t spoil it. But, that elimination was a joke. Not the best voice on stage, but arguably two other characters can’t sing. And they both advanced.

9) Vikings Valhalla (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I will admit that I can’t get into the show. The description is fine, but I never watched Vikings, so I have no idea if that’s the problem. But I’m 4 episodes in, and I’m ready to call it quits. any thoughts?

10) Our Flag Means death (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

My obligatory remind to watch this show on HBO MAX. It’s hilarious, and it hasn’t been guaranteed a second season yet. So, I’m gonna keep putting this on my list every week. Somewhere.

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