The Too Much TV Roundup- June 6th

Gonna stop clogging up these lists with random reruns of old shows. Keeping it fresh, or at least relatively fresh. No one cares where I’m at in Cheers. Although, everybody does know my name there.

1) Bridgerton (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I don’t know what this means for fans of Bridgerton that latched on during Season 1, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the first season. But, I really enjoyed season 2, and how they changed Anthony into a character we could actually root for, even after all his bullshit in Season 1. Not to mention, Kate was a great cast addition, and I’m legitimately excited for the third season, where I wasn’t as excited for the second coming out of the first. It felt like a different show, and for me it was for the better. Focusing more on realistic dramatic moments, conversations, and gossipy intrigue than straight up sexual chemistry. It made the writers earn their pay, and based on the viewership for Season 2, I’d say their work got noticed. This was the final episode of Season 2 for me, and everything got wrapped up that needed to be, with things being set in motion for next season. A Colin/Penelope season should be interesting, especially where everything was left with them.

Episode Grade: A, Season Grade: A

2) Stranger Things (Netflix)

English Audio Descriptionn Available?: Yes

An episode that ran just under 1:20, managed to touch base with basically every character in our universe, showing us their progress in their various storylines. Joyce and Murray trapped on a plane with Yuri, and finding out that Murray has a particular set of skills (hopefully he’ll reveal how he turns into Jason Statham on a whim), Hopper making fans wish we hadn’t demanded he still be alive at the end of Seaosn 4 (some things are worse than just going out a hero), Eleven on a mission to get her powers back from *Surprise Return*, The California Kids fleeing government officials with Argyle, and the actual Hawkins kids headed over to Freddy Kruger’s house from Episode 4’s flashbacks to see what they can uncover, while Jason and the basketball team from hell (including newly named Patrick) come close to finding Eddie. Lots happened. progresss was made. And there was enough interesting stuff going around that they kept it all moving at a quick pace.

Episode Grade: A

3) Killing it (Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the 5th episode of the season, it was very Jillian centric as she was paid to taskrabbit and house sit for a rich woman who needed to pretend that her Florida home was her main domicile for tax reasons, and shenanigans went down. Hilarious episode.

Episode Grade: A

4) Last Week Tonight (HBO)

English Audio Description Available?: No

John tackled the gun crisis, but more specifically how putting cops into schools is becoming an increasingly bad decision. I laughed when they brought up a county that is in my area, with a story I was familiar with, and the Sheriff excusing the officer’s right to body slam a middle schooler. Kids are being over policed. A friend of mine had her daughter expelled from middle school because she participated along with her friends in piercing their ears in the girls bathroom. I feel like a generation or two ago, that might have gotten you detention at best. Great episode.

Episode Grade: A

5) The Flight Attendant (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

This was the episode that they are clearly using as the for your consideration episode. Although, I’m concerned that this runs in the Comedy category, when its biggest strength this season isn’t the humor, but the dramatic moments, like Cassy’s continued struggle with sobriety, and in this episode, her reuniting with her mother (Sharon Stone) who is very unhappy to see her.

Episode Grade: A-

6) Life and Beth (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I don’t understand the appeal of her love interest. Is he walking porn? Like, how hot is he? I feel like I need the audio description to remind me every week “he is so hot, he turns straight guys gay.” Or something, because he’s too obnoxious to be taken seriously as a romantic lead for Beth. One moment he’ll say something meaningful, and then follow it up with ten things that are fundamentally stupid. He’s ruining this show for me.

Episode Grade: B-

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