The Too Much TV Roundup- June 10th

Time to make the donuts.

1) Ozark (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the 9th episode of the final season, Ruth is still giving zero fucks. She does manage to put herself together to attend the funeral with Three. Meanwhile, Grandpa is in town, and he’s looking for Ben. This was a great episode full of little moments and exchanges that truly created something special. For example, Jason Bateman’s realization at the end of the episode that he can’t even trust his own wife to tell him the truth. It was that resigned acceptance that sold me on the idea that he now understands why his kids have jumped ship. He kept making excuses, but in that moment, I believe he felt it. Whether or not he does anything about it, I’ll find out in the next couple episodes.

Episode Grade: A

2) The Outlaws (Amazon)

English Audio Descriptionn Available?: Yes

My first A grade for this series hits finally on Episode 4, when the pieces finally start falling into place. Christian is pretty much targeted as the bad guy, and finds himself having to make tough choices all episode long. You still get the impression that he’s doing it all to protect his sister, and not for personal gain, but what he’s willing to do is pushing the boundaries of us being able to continue to root for him. He’s on the precipice of a dark path, and needs to consider the road he’s about to choose. Meanwhile, Christopher Walken was given more to do in this one episode than all of Severance. His backstory was revealed, but more than that, his realization that he was a shit person, and the small gesture he makes to his daughter in an attempt to make it up to her.

Episode Grade: A

3) Bosch Legacy (free Vee)

English Audio Description available?: No

Don’t even get me started on the shenanigans at Amazon that has resulted in this show not having audio description. But in the episode titled Plan B, a lot happened. It seemed like one storyline was wrapped up, while the unfortunate death of someone may change the course of another storyline. Episode Grade: A-

4) Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Finally started into the last half of the final season, so this was episode 5. The winning storyline here actually belonged to Brianna, who had to meet her “in-laws”, for lack of a better term, and those people are the complete opposite of her. Hilarity ensued. Meanwhile, in the Grace/Frankie/Nick household, the story was too stupid for me to care. And over at Saul and Robert’s, I struggle to define that they even had a storyline. What they were featured doing was so underwhelming. It’s odd to see an episode carried by Brianna. I don’t think that’s happened before.

Episode Grade: B+

5) Gentleman Jack (HBO)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Finally, this show is starting to come together a bit for me in the 4th episode of Season 1. Seeing the two lovers at odds, as one struggles with accepting a marriage proposal, while the other basically stews until she can stew no more. I’m still not a super fan, but this was the best episode yet, and moved it up the ranks a bit.

Episode Grade: B

6) We Crashed (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

As this series continues, I realize that I needed it to do one of two things. I needed it to either commit to being just a movie, or present itself as a series looking for a multi-season run. Something that is inspired by the real story, but goes a different route. Because this seems like we’re just stretching this story out so we can get episodes. Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway are still great, but the show is losing its luster with each episode.

Episode Grade: B-

7) Bullshit (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

And finishing off my list is Howie Mandel’s game show. It’s all right. But, I think the gimmick is losing me. The funny thing is, I’ve stuck with it this long because I want to know what happens if the person guesses/bullshits but actually ends up with the right answer. It’s kind of silly that hasn’t happened yet, and they either knew it, or bullshitted a wrong answer. Statistically, someone should have randomly hit oil by now.

Episode Grade: C+

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