Father Of The Bride Part II

Starring: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams Paisley, George Newbern, Kieran Culkin, and Martin Short.

Directed By: Charles Shier

Where I Watched It: In my house.

English Audio Description Available?: Apparently.

Narrated By: Sounded like SkyNet to me

Another film I’m already familiar with, and touching base on just to refresh my Father Of the Bride knowledge heading into the Andy Garcia remake. Not only is this a sequel, but it’s also a remake of a sequel, Father’s little Dividend, a sequel to Father of The Bride starring Spencer Tracy. yes, back in the 1950’s they were still whores for money.

But as this came out in the mid-90’s, I actually remember seeing this in theatres. i know this was me going with my mom, and not a personal selection. But as she always reminds me, when I was little, she sat through shit like Follow That Bird, so it was my time to sit through non-children’s programming. But I liked this, however seeing it directly after the first, it does make you realize that it is unnecessary, and not quite as good.

I don’t know the total number of times I’ve actually viewed this from beginning to end, but i would guess maybe only 2 or 3 before now, plus a bunch of partial cable viewings. I was really familiar with the last 30 minutes, but there were chunks of this movie I had totally forgotten. A good sign that this was watched a lot while channel flipping. Like, I remembered that her doctor wasn’t going to be there, and she would have a replacement. Really weird details.

This film has a simple script that despite the many years between one and two suggest it was rushed, as it doesn’t have the same heart to it that the first film did. This film is more concerned with playing up the comedic element of George’s mid life crisis, or the improbability of George and Nina becoming parents, especially at the same time as their grown daughter, that it forgot to check in emotionally.

But in spite, this cast shows up. They’re as talented and likable as ever, even martin Short who is shoehorned into a film that didn’t need a wedding planner. But Franck shows up anyway, because he becomes a utility player, because if you’ve got Martin Short, you use him.

It has its own charm, and it’s a nice watch, but i wouldn’t call it a classic.

The Blind perspective: Despite the fact that the first had audio description on Spectrum Access, the second one, also available on demand does not. Therefore, i found a version, that had robodescription. That’s what i get, I suppose. The sequel didn’t get the same TLC as the first film did either with regard to the audio description, which features poorly balanced AD track that constantly drops the movie’s soundtrack to inaudible levels anytime it comes on, instead of navigating that seamlesssly.

Final Grade: B+

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