The Too Much TV Roundup- June 16th

Today, once again a large chunk of my day was taken up by non-TV shows. There was a hearing, and i managed two movies. So this feels like a lower count of TV shows than usual, which makes it easier for the winner.

1) Ozark (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the 10th episode of the final season, Marty spent most of the episode trying to get a guy to convince to something we’re al pretty sure he didn’t do. Meanwhile, the Julia Garner vs Laura Linney face off is getting perfect as Ruth actually managed to outsmart her enemy. And, Ben! At least for a few scenes, Ben managed his way back in flashbacks.

Episode Grade: A

2) The Chase (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I almost was willing to throw this episode to the dogs, but this one came down to a nail biting finish. That ended up being quite excellent, despite some struggles.

Episode Grade: A-

3) Pacific Rim: The Black (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

You know, for a second there, I really thought that guy had trained Lucy. I really did. Then… well…

Episode Grade: B+

4) The Weakest Link (NBC/Peacock/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Depending on platform

A pretty typical episode, except this time the people in the final three were too stupid to eliminate the strongest link from the game, so he actually got to win for once. Almost always the other two vote out the strongest link, but this John guy is an idiot, and he voted out someone who had never been the strongest link. Idiot.

Episode Grade: B+

5) Winning Time (HBO/HBOMAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I’m starting to realize that part of the reason I’m not diving into this show as much as I thought I would is that half the episode isn’t basketball, and this cast is too large for its own good. There were some moments that I liked, like when Magic was showing Kareem his moves during a practice that really was just the two of them. It was the kind of moment that I thought this series needed more of, and made me realize how noisy this show is with so many characters all the time.

Episode Grade: B

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